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German aircraft identification

#1 von Echodelta , 08.02.2011 15:50

My name is Eric Dufrasnes, I'm from Belgium, english not my mother tongue so please my many mistakes.
Sorry, I do not speak german.
With my uncle, Jean Dufrasnes, we are making researchs on the aircrafts fallen in our area and specially on Harchies, west of Mons, Belgium.
While making researches on german flight instrument, your site pop up.
May I ask your help to identify a crashed german plane?

Late 42, early 43.
Memories of the witnesses are not clear but it was at the end of the year, in the night, between 1200 and 0100.
a german twin engine plane, the pilot ( ? ) and german soldiers have been seen the next morning near the wreck.

From testimonies , we have located a area where the plane end his courses, small parts of a german plane can be found on the site :

- small broken aluminium part, with blue paint, with the letters MESSE ( for messerschmidt ??? )

- a circular cap d:5cm, h:2cm with the text


with FL in a circle in the center.

and under :
B.M. 77 Vert 6g
40 V 25 A
Two pieces found.

- small constructor plate: 6.5cm x 1.3 cm

C. Lorenz AG [ ] –Tempelhof
Werk Nr 3821532 ? Baumuster UF. 10/E
Anf. Z. Ln. 2737B PfL III. 3/6038-1

- small constructor plate: 3.7cm x 1.8 cm

Baumuster U[
FL 27128[
Werck Nr 85628

on your website, i have found a FL 27128 in DO217 funklandegerat Fu BL 2, is it a radioaltimeter ?

- part of a german altimeter

the text : ]SS

is still visible.

- a bended dial, d:5cm, with the numbers 0,50,100,150,200,250.
At the bottom, a small window with the red text "fettfrei" .
Perhaps the FL 30530

7.92 ammo were also found, identified as a mix of standart, armorpiercing, incendiary and tracer bullets.
No 20 mm shells found

I was thinking that this plane could be Bf 110 but I'm not so sure anymore. I have never seen a FL 30530 in any Me110 cockpit picture.

Could it possible witn this information to narrow the choice of plane ?

Thank you very much.


Dufrasnes E.

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