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Askania Artificial Horizon

#1 von Dutcheeseblend , 28.12.2015 21:45

Hello everybody,

My name is Daan Kaasjager, aka Dutcheeseblend, and I am a developer of Flight Simulator aircraft (for Microsoft FSX). I have done a Fokker D.21 fighter and currently I'm working on a Fokker T.5 bomber (both from the 1935-1940 years). My goal is to reproduce these aircraft as accurate as possible, with the available information.

A shot from the T.5 cockpit to a passing D.21.

The cockpit as it is at the moment. The pilot sits at the viewpoint position, his panel is at the right side of the fuselage. Below that panel, a walkway is made for the observer/commader/bombardier in the nose.

I have a small problem though. The Artificial Horizon as defined in the manual, is an 'Askania bauart Sperry' which is a pretty unuseful designation. In my research, I understood there are several Askania Sperry's.
We luckily have pictures:

Looking into the T.8W cockpit profile on this website, I saw that the same Horizon was used. In the description however, it was designated as a LV7r-10, which would not be correct since this is a Variometer. According to the description, the original Horizon in the T.8W should be a Lgab-13A. But... I can't find information on this anywhere...

Is there anyone who can help me, of even has this unit? A (detailed) picture of an actual unit would be nice, a drawing even better ;)

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Daan Kaasjager

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Instrument made by Telefunken

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