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F-104G instrument panel

#1 von rlm66.de , 17.05.2012 18:40

Here is my new favourite: An original F-104G instrument panel of the ex-KLu and ex-TuAF "68-8058" (D-8058) which was scrapped at Ankara in mid 90's. Though I do not specifically remember seeing the D-8058 but I used to visit the Ankara junkyards in 1997 to take photos of the workers and the F-104s. This is also when I acquired my other two Starfighter panels, one of which was from ex-Luftwaffe F-104G "61-2058" (20+50) and the other from ex-TuAF TF-104G "61-3029".

Though I am planning to complete the panel of D-8058 soon, there is still a lot to do. Getting the missing PHI and the turn & bank indicator is not hard but I do not know how I am going to afford the clock! I am currently looking for the NAS42DD1 standard spacers for instruments, some warning lights, fasteners and some of the bezels. Once all parts are here, I will attach the glareshield with the "canopy unsafe" switch and the canvas dustcover. And, it will be complete. Nowadays I am trying to get some parts to make a stand for it.

Once it is complete, I will start working on my F-4E and RF-4E instrument panels. I have recently found a person who is a F-4 mechanic at one of the Turkish AF squadrons. He will help me to get the missing parts. I am also planning to talk to the Turkish AF to get the parts from their withdrawn F-4s.

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RE: F-104G instrument panel

#2 von stg044 , 12.04.2014 23:31


Nice panel. I read you've got three panels. Would you consider selling or swapping one? Also interested in a grip and a glare shield.
I've got all kind of stuff lying around Lw, RAF

Kind regards

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